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Dillon McElhinney

My name is Dillon  and I love to make good things. I love a thing well crafted, and even more I love to be the one who crafted it. I love the tools that are used to make a thing well and I love to figure out how to use them. I enjoy the process of learning how to make something new and so I have spent lots of time watching tutorials and reading blogs and trying (often poorly) to make things. I've made videos and websites and logos and audio recordings. I've done some woodworking and a little metalworking and a lot of soldering. But right now what I am enjoying more than anything else is taking photos. Mostly portraits with a candid feel. I love catching real moments with people and giving them the opportunity to see themselves the way the people around them do. To see their own face through their friends' and families' eyes, instead of a mirror or social media filter.

I try to see each new project or shoot as an opportunity to learn and to grow and to produce a thing of a higher quality than the last. So. If an attitude of experimentation and curiosity counter-balanced by a high standard of excellence appeals to you, we might work well together. If you need a portrait, a headshot, senior photos, a profile picture for your business (or dating app), drop me a line and we'll get something set up!


Annika McElhinney

My name is Annika and I get to be Dillon’s lovely assistant in all aspects of life. I am a proud Colorado native and grew up in Fort Collins. I love Northern Colorado with my whole heart and love getting to be part of this community. A few of my favorite things: Cousins. A well cooked meal. A good book. An even better nap. Harry Potter. My dog, Schmitt. My niece and nephew. My siblings. My mom and dad. Pretty much every dog I meet. Dillon. Jesus. Coffee. Belly laughs. Musical theater. My own renditions of musical theater hits. Dancing at weddings. Singing loudly in the car. Summer camp. Meeting people and serving them well. I laugh big and cry a lot, but it’s because I love and feel deeply. 

I love the oppotunity to tag along on photo shoots because it means encountering new people and getting to hear a little bit of their story.